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Battle Realms Cheats

Battle Realms is a Real-Time Strategy game, developed by Liquid Entertainment and published by Crave, which was released in 2001. I really love this game XD... Well, I want give you some cheats and secret of it, here they are:

Lotus Clan Instant Yin Point Trick:
Quickly build a Tomb of the Brothers and summon Lythis, one of the brothers of the crypt. Just have him attack a tree or water (button F) and watch yin points add up. This trick works well on a stage with lots of trees. (Note: This was fixed in later patches).

Unlimited Necromancer Spirit Warriors:
1: Get a Necromancer(Serpent Clan)
2: Summon 3 of them
3: Save game, exit, start Battle Realms again, load the file and Summon another 3 of them

Instantly Destroy Enemy Building:
1st: Select an enemy building
2nd: Press ctrl+d simultaneously
3rd: Watch the building turn instantly into dust! This was fixed in the Battle Pack 2 (1.10j) version of the game.

Serpent Clan Instant Yin Point Trick:
Quickly train a unit into a Ronin and have him learn the Yin Blade battle gear. Take him near a tree and turn his Yin Blade on and force attack a tree. Watch your yin points rack up. This trick is good in a stage with lots of Trees.

Unlimited Brothers:
(Just for the Lotus Clan)
1. As soon as possible build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it easier).
3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
10. Repeat.

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MX vs ATV Unleashed Cheats

Hey guys, have ya ever been playing 'MX vs ATV' game? Yupz, this game is on PS2. Honestly I played it too, a month ago, I guess... Hehe.. But, have you ever been playing it on PC?? Honestly again, I haven't. Hehehee 'again', wkwkwkwkwk.... This morning my friend asked me to post its cheats for everybody and sure for him too. Well, I don't like to wasting my time, it's wasting my money too. Why? 'Cause AKU DI WARNET NIH... tee hee hee....... Go into the cheat menu and enter the following:

BROKEASAJOKE = 1.000.000 points
minimoto = 50cc bikes
LEADFOOT = All Machines
WANNABE = All Riders
huckit = Unlock all freestyle track
toolazy = Unlock everything

I guess that's all I can tell you about MX vs ATV Cheats. Try it and good luck, buddum...!!! hehe

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Satonaka Chie

Chie Satonaka is a player character from Persona 4, and resident of Inaba. She is a second-year student in Yasogami High School, and an ardent fan of martial arts.
  • Age: 16
  • Date of Birth: July 30th, 1994
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Bloodtype: B
  • Initial Persona: Tomoe Gozen
  • Ultimate Persona: Suzuka Gongen
  • Weapons: Greaves
  • Arcana: Chariot
apanese Name: 里中 千枝
Romaji: Satonaka Chie
English Name: Chie Satonaka
First Appearance: Persona 4
Weapon: Greaves
Persona: Tomoe, Suzuka Gongen
Japanese Voice Actor: Yui Horie
English Voice Actor: Tracey Rooney

An upbeat girl with short light-brown hair who usually wears a green athletic jacket decorated with buttons. Her weapon is a pair of greaves. She has an obsession with Kung fu, and even uses them in battle, similar to Lisa Silverman of Persona 2. Her obsession goes so far that she even attacks Yosuke over a Chinese Martial arts film DVD. Most of the time, she is friendly, cheerful, and energetic, but she has a short temper, especially with Yosuke. She, Yukiko and Rise are unskillful cookers, providing normally unpalatable to terribly awful dishes to the main crew several times during the story progress.

Her Persona is Tomoe Gozen of The Chariot Arcanum, a muscular female figure wearing a yellow outfit reminiscent of Bruce Lee's Game of Death costume, wielding a double bladed naginata. Tomoe Gozen is shown to use both physical and ice spells. However Teddie will take over as the main ice caster when he comes into play, thus Tomoe will stop learning ice spells near the level the player obtains Teddie. Tomoe evolves into Suzuka Gongen after completing The Chariot Social Link.

Shadow Chie

Chie's Shadow takes the form of a long haired, masked dominatrix supported by three pale Chies. The dominatrix has long black hair, similar to Yukiko's. It represents her jealousy of Yukiko's natural gifts and talents, as well as her wish and need of control over Yukiko. Chie went through a majority of design changes as the others, one of her designs even being used to develop Teddie.

Through the S.Link for the Chariot, Protagonist and Chie become closer through training together at the Samegawa Floodplain. Over time, the Protagonist learns of how Chie enjoys creating groups and titles for herself, in hopes of being feared by juveniles and protecting the weak. Hearing from a police officer that high schoolers have been bullying people in the Central Shopping District, Chie and the Protagonist coincidentally help. They first save Chie's middle school friend, who then calls the police. The second time, Chie makes the hoodlums run off just as they attempt to steal from a little boy. Once this occurs, the Protagonist has the option of making an intimate relationship with Chie. Depending on what the Protagonist does, Chie will either go to train with the Protagonist (normal relationship) or go to his home (serious relationship) and gives him some matching wristbands. Chie's resolve to help others and protect the team, especially the Protagonist, transfigures Tomoe Gozen to Suzuka Gongen.

In the Social Link for the Chariot, the Protagonist learns how Chie and Yukiko first became friends, regarding her taking care of the dog Yukiko found but the Amagis forbade her to keep many years ago. At the end of the good ending, her desire to protect Yukiko and later the town from the mysterious serial killer promptedher decision to become a police officer under Detective Dojima's guidance.

Battle Qoutes:
  • Protect me, Tomoe! (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • Now, Suzuka Gongen! (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • Come! Hi-ya! (Using Persona skill)
  • Take this! (Using Persona skill)
  • Persona! (Using Persona skill)
  • Alright! Keep it up!
  • Ooh! Me, me, me! (Follow-up attack)
  • Couldn't quite beat it...(Attack doesn't kill enemy)
  • Someone finish it off!(Attack doesn't kill enemy)
  • Yikes. It's tough.(Attack doesn't skill enemy)
  • Phew... I let my guard down. (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • Sheesh, that hurts! (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • Ugh! I've had it with you! (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • Aha! Is this our chance? (All Out attack prompt)
  • We're not doing it? Ohh...(Decline All Out attack)
  • So who's next in line for a stomping? (Victory)
  • Don't think, feel! (Victory. Also seems to be a catchphrase of Chie outside battle, as seen in her Social Link.)
  • Huh, I guess that does it! (Victory)
  • Yay, I leveled up! (Level Up)

Hanamura Yosuke

  • Age:16
  • Date of birth: 22nd June 1994
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Initial Persona: Jiraiya
  • Ultimate Persona: Susano-o
  • Weapons: Knives, Kunai
  • Arcana: Magician
Yosuke Hanamura is a playable character from Persona 4. Like the protagonist, Yosuke arrived in Yasoinaba from the city.

Yosuke Hanamura is an awkward and clumsy student who attends Yasogami High School. He has slightly unkempt reddish-brown hair and usually walks around with a music player and red/orange headphones around his neck. He serves as comic relief, often through physical comedy, such as getting his head stuck in a trash can.

Yosuke makes his first appearance during the Protagonist' first day at school, where he comically crashes his bicycle. He was later shown to be apologizing towards Chie Satonaka, due to the fact that he broke the DVD "Trial of the Dragon", in which he borrowed from Chie. Enraged, Chie would beat up Yosuke comically, and demands him to buy her a new one. The Protagonist befriends Yosuke the next day, where he helps Yosuke after having his head stuck in a trash can after crashing his bicycle. Later, to express his gratitude, Yosuke invites the Protagonist to Yasoinaba's delicacy store. However, Yosuke later scraps his plans after Chie hears his proposal, and takes them to Junes Food Court instead.

Chie would later tell the Protagonist and Yosuke about the urban legend of the Midnight Channel, and asks them to try it out. Their conversation was interrupted when Yosuke sees his senior, Saki Konishi taking a break. Seeing her looking frustrated and tired, Yosuke became worried and talked to Saki. In their conversation it is revealed that Yosuke, like the Protagonist, came from a city, and his father is a manager of Junes. Yosuke later tries to tell Saki something, however Saki simply brushes him off and tells him that her break-time was almost over. Chie takes note of Yosuke's disappointment and teases him, asking whether is he falling in love with Saki.

Later that night, Yosuke tries to tune in to the Midnight Channel, and sees a blurred image of a female student in his TV. Expressing his bemusement that day, Yosuke, Chie and the Protagonist became intrigued due to seeing the same person in the Midnight Channel. Chie would later ask Yosuke about the prices of a wide-screen TV, as her family was planning to buy one. The trio would later go to Junes, where the Protagonist tries to enter to the other side of the TV- this time using a wide-screen TV large enough to cover his body. The Protagonist becomes stuck halfway, and upon witnessing the Protagonist' actions, Yosuke and Chie panic and accidentally push themselves along with the Protagonist into the other side of the TV, Midnight Channel.

Inside the Midnight Channel, the trio are shocked to see their surroundings and panic. They anxiously try to return via searching the entrance they fell earlier, but failing to do so, they decide to check around the area. Eventually, they encounter a bear like cartoon character, who urges them to leave this place. The trio confess their inability to do so, and losing his patience, the bear like cartoon character summons three TVs and pushes them in, forcefully ejecting the trio out of the Midnight Channel. The next day, Saki Konishi was reported missing, and subsequently dead.

Concept Artwork of Yosuke.

Devastated, Yosuke swore to investigate the Midnight Channel, as the female student they witnessed earlier in the Midnight Channel was in fact Saki Konishi. Yosuke requests the Protagonist to help him, as he is the only one who is able to enter the TV. Eventually the Protagonist and Yosuke would enter the Midnight Channel one more time, leaving Chie behind. Inside the Midnight Channel the Protagonist and Yosuke once again encounters the cartoon-like character, who introduces himself as Teddie. Infuriated by their presence, Teddie angrily asks them whether are they responsible of "throwing people" inside the Midnight Channel. Yosuke angrily stammers back, telling Teddie that he was the suspicious one.

Upon learning that the Protagonist and Yosuke aren't responsible, Teddie promises to help, and gives them a pair of glasses which allow them to see the fog ridden Midnight Channel clearly. Eventually the Protagonist and Yosuke venture to an area resembling Yasoinaba's shopping street. Intrigued, the Protagonist and Yosuke tries to enter Saki's family liquor store and begin to hear the voice of Saki Konishi echoing them. In there, Saki's voice reveals that she is tired of her life: her family liquor store's sales are falling because of the opening of Junes, and her part-time job in Junes cause her father to detest her. Saki also reveals that she hated Yosuke, and never think of him as a friend, but an annoying, irritating person; she was being friendly to Yosuke only because he is the son of the manager of Junes.

Hearing Saki's inner thoughts, Yosuke was devastated, and tries to convince himself that everything he heard was a lie. Another 'Yosuke' appears, and openly mocks Yosuke, asking whether is he going to cry like a baby. Shocked, Yosuke tried to answer back, but the other 'Yosuke' proceeds to taunt Yosuke in reality, he is just afraid of being alone, and his cheerful facade was nothing more than just a sign of escapism. The other 'Yosuke' then mentions that Yosuke never sees anyone as a friend, including Saki, but only as a things to help him to feel secure.

Yosuke's appearance in the manga

Angered, Yosuke tells the other 'Yosuke' to shut up, and denies his claims. The other 'Yosuke' then mocks him, telling him that deep down, he is agreeing at the other Yosuke's claims. The other 'Yosuke' exclaims that he knew it because he is Yosuke. Not wanting to believe, Yosuke angrily exclaims that the other 'Yosuke' is not him.

Laughing at Yosuke's declination of his true feelings, the other 'Yosuke' transforms into a Shadow to attack them. The Protagonist defeats the Shadow, with Yosuke still reluctant to face himself. Under the encouragement of Teddie and the Protagonist, Yosuke painfully admits that he does feel that way, but it is always hard to face one's true feelings. Sensing Yosuke's resolution, the Shadow transform into Jiraiya, and becomes Yosuke's Persona. Later, when the Protagonist and Yosuke returns to the real world, they are lectured by a worried and angry Chie, who promptly leaves after scolding them. Yosuke later thanks the Protagonist, telling him that he'll definitely have a good night's sleep tonight.

The next day, Yosuke tells the Protagonist that they must stop the murder incidents and investigate the culprit behind the Midnight Channel, allowing the Protagonist to forge the Magician Arcana with Yosuke.

Should the Protagonist manage to level up the Magician Arcana Social Link to Lv.8, Yosuke reveals that when he first moved to Yasoinaba, he was resentful towards the town, as he feared that the opening of Junes would make the people in the Shop District hate him. Despite this, however, Yosuke begins to open up when Saki Konishi told him that "parents are parents, you (Yosuke) are you". Yosuke later exclaims that even after he knew the friendly Saki was a facade, he still loves her, and is sad to see her die. Yosuke also expresses his resentment of living in a small country town with little to do, as well as his wish to do something interesting like play hero.
Shadow Yosuke
By the end of the Magician Arcana Social Link, Yosuke expresses that deep down inside, he didn't trust the Protagonist fully, and is jealous of his talents in combat and being a leader of the Investigation Team. Confessing his inner thoughts, Yosuke then requests the Protagonist to punch him, so they could get even for Yosuke's jealousy. The Protagonist eventually brawls with Yosuke, with their fight ending with a tie. Yosuke would then exclaim that he'll live with his true self from now onwards, and hold precious the days he spends with others. Eventually having a change in his psyche and resolution, Yosuke's Persona Jiraiya transfigures into Susa-no-O. Noticing his new found powers, Yosuke exclaims that he will use the power to protect the others, and thanks the Protagonist.

Yosuke's Persona, Jiraiya of The Magician Arcana, takes the form of a humanoid ninja whose head vaguely resembles a cartoon frog's, and wears a white disco suit and a red scarf. It also has a distinctive 'V' on its chest that is meant to be the frog's mouth. Jiraiya uses wind spells and is also able to use healing spells. Should the Protagonist reach Lv 3 of the Magician Arcana Social Link, Yosuke will learn his distinctive follow-up attack, Yosuke Strike, where he performs a powerful combo with 100% critical rate on another active enemy, provided if the Protagonist have struck down a target.

Battle Qoutes:
  • Let's do this, Jiraiya! (Hitting weak point/critical with physical skill)
  • Go! Susano-o! (Hitting weak point/critical with physical skill)
  • Throw down! (Summoning Persona)
  • Persona!
  • Countin' on you!
  • Two left!
  • Four left!
  • All right, four to go!
  • Damn, it's not going down! (Failure to eliminate an enemy)
  • What the hell? It's not working? (Enemy blocks attack)
  • It's not working, what is this? (Enemy blocks attack)
  • Dammit... who do they think they are? (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • I'm pissed now! (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • Nice moves, partner! (Cheering on Protagonist)
  • Go, go! (Cheering on Chie)
  • That's the Kanji I know! (Cheering on Kanji)
  • Let's go, partner! (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • Now's our chance! You ready? (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • All right, all for one and one for all! (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • Okay! (Performing All-Out Attack)
  • All right! (Performing All-Out Attack)
  • Out of our way! (During All-Out Attack)
  • That should do it! (Battle won)
  • Ugh... that took forever! (Battle won)
  • Another level for me! (Level up)
  • Ha ha, level up! (Level up)
  • Alright, I levelled up! (Level up)
Yosuke Hanamura
Japanese Name: 花村 陽介
Romaji: Yousuke Hanamura
English Name:
First Appearance: Persona 4
Weapon: Knives, Kunai
Persona: Jiraiya, Susano-o
Japanese Voice Actor: Showtaro Morikubo
English Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Amagi Yukiko

Yukiko Amagi is character from Persona 4, an elegant young woman, she is well-known to be the heir of her family inn, Amagi Inn.
Yukiko Amagi
Japanese Name: 天城 雪子
Romaji: Amagi Yukiko
English Name: Yukiko Amagi
First Appearance: Persona 4
Weapon: Fan
Persona: Konohana Sakuya, Amaterasu
Japanese Voice Actor: Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Actor: Amanda Winn Lee

An elegant but introverted young woman with long groomed black hair and a red hairband in it who usually wears either a red jacket or a pink kimono, Yukiko is a rich, popular, gorgeous girl who seems very lady-like and correct all the time. She is often shown to be together with Chie Satonaka, who share a sisterly affection towards each other.

Yukiko's family runs a famous hot spring inn, the Amagi Inn in the town of Yasoinaba, often mentioned in the news as "the treasure of Yasoinaba", Yukiko is expected to succeed the family business by becoming the manager of the inn, and is always busy training herself. Due to this, Yukiko often portrays a sense of oblivion towards romantic feelings, and often misinterprets others' conversations.

Despite of her apparent willingness of inheriting the inn, Yukiko, deep down is falling under stress because of being branded the next owner of the inn. Because of her obligation she often goes home quickly after the school is over, or she may even skip classes. During an interview, Yukiko wore a pink kimono, with her image is eventually projected in the Midnight Channel. Worried about her the next day, Chie tries to contact Yukiko's cell phone, as she hasn't showed up in school. The contact fails, and Chie instead receives Yukiko's voicemail. Yosuke would later suggest Chie to call the Amagi Inn, where Yukiko finally responds. She reveals to be busy catering the Inn, and thus had to skip school.

Still worried, Yosuke suggests the Protagonist to tune in the Midnight Channel tonight as well. During that night, the Protagonist encounters a weird show called "Princess Yukiko's Search for Prince Charming" in the Midnight Channel, where Yukiko dresses up as a princess in a journey of finding herself a "hot stud", or Prince Charming. As Yukiko's behavior in the TV was rather bizarre and unlike what she would normally do, Yosuke called the Protagonist, and suggests them to meet up in the Junes Food Court the next morning, and decides to venture in the Midnight Channel once again.

Inside the Midnight Channel, the Protagonist, Yosuke and Chie, under the help of Teddie manages to locate Yukiko in a romanesque castle. The trio eventually finds Yukiko, along with another 'Yukiko'. The other 'Yukiko' expresses her disgust of inheriting the inn, and playfully confesses to the Protagonist, Yosuke and Chie. Calling Chie her Prince Charming, the other 'Yukiko' requests her Prince Charming to take her somewhere far, far away to escape her fate of inheriting the Amagi Inn.

Confused and shocked, Yukiko stammers back, eagerly telling the other 'Yukiko' to stop. Ignoring Yukiko's plead, the other 'Yukiko' taunts Yukiko, asking why would she want her to stop confessing her true feelings, and exclaims that she is Yukiko, and is merely expressing her thoughts. Yukiko instead declines the other 'Yukiko' s claims, and tells her that she is not her. Fueled by Yukiko's declination, the other 'Yukiko' transforms into a shadow and attacks the party.

Her shadow takes the form of a large bird with Yukikos face and hair, sitting in a cage. With a shadow dressed like the jack of cards below. This represents her feelings of entrapment from inheriting the inn and her desire to be rescued from that fate by a 'dashing prince' since she feels too weak to do so herself.

The trio eventually manages to fend off the shadow, and with Yukiko eventually willing to face herself, the shadow transforms into Konohana Sakuya, becoming Yukiko's Persona. After the events of her kidnapping, Yukiko becomes a much livelier person, and the party also learns about her habit of breaking into sudden fits of laughter (usually after hearing a terrible joke or pun), which often surprises her peers. She also reveals a competitive side when Rise Kujikawa taunts her and Chie about making omelettes for Nanako Dojima.

Concept artwork of Yukiko's final design.

Yukiko eventually creates the Priestess Arcana Social Link with the Protagonist, and through the Protagonist's interactions with her, Yukiko expresses her boundaries and limitations on living a normal teenager's life, and her wish to leave Yasoinaba instead of inheriting the Inn, and decides to become an interior decorator after her graduation. During their interactions, however, Yukiko also reveals her stress of being constantly snooped around by tabloid reporters after the murder of Mayumi Yamano, the first murder victim and TV announcer, who lived in her Inn before being murdered.

Yukiko also confessed her horrible cooking skills, and is worried that she would not be able to raise herself after leaving the town, and requests the Protagonist to sample her food during their interactions. Yukiko would later enlist help from the cook of Amagi Inn, and requests them to teach her cooking, under the excuse of doing it for a boy. As the Protagonist interacts with Yukiko, Yukiko slowly loses her urge of leaving the town, and eventually realizes her passion and love for the Inn after being harassed by the tabloid reporters when Yukiko angrily threatens them away.

By the end of the Social Link, Yukiko decides not to leave Yasoinaba, but to inherit the Inn and continue her family's legacy. Having a change in her psyche and finally finding her resolution, Yukiko's Persona, Konohana Sakuya transfigures into Amaterasu.

Should the Protagonist chooses to establish a lovers relationship with Yukiko and accepts her invitation in Dec 24, Yukiko will bake the Protagonist a Christmas Cake, as well as giving him an accessory with guards against Fire-elemental attacks. Yukiko will also ask the Protagonist whether can she stay in for the night, telling him that she told her parents that she is staying in Chie's house for the night.

Yukiko in the manga adaption.

In the events of the Chariot Arcana Social Link, Chie reveals that the first day Yukiko and her met during their childhood, Yukiko ran away from home, along with a dog. According to Chie, Yukiko in her childhood was expressionless, and reveals that Yukiko's reason of running away from home is because her family objected her from taking in the stray dog. Feeling sympathetic towards Yukiko, Chie tries to make Yukiko smile, and the two eventually become best friends. Chie later reveals that the dog became her pet.

Yukiko, along with Chie's cooking skills have become a recurring joke throughout the story. During the Protagonist and Yosuke's first camping trip, the girls take up responsibility of cooking them dinner, which ended horribly. Yosuke would continue to mention the curry they've cooked during the camping trip, and all of their future cooking as "Mystery Food X".

Yukiko's initial Persona is Konohana-sakuya of The Priestess Arcanum, resembling a Tokusatsu heroine and being almost completely pink in color. Interestingly enough, while Chie's Persona, Tomoe Gozen takes to form of a long-haired woman resembling Yukiko's, Konohana Sakuya is portrayed as having a short hair similar to Chie's. Konohana-sakuya is skilled with healing and fire spells (ironic, considering the kanji for her given name means "snow child", although her resentment for the name is mentioned in passing). By leveling up the Priestess Arcana to Lv. 3, Yukiko will learn her distinctive follow-up attack, Fan Assault, where she performs a powerful attack with 100% critical rate and inflicts dizzy status on another active enemy, provided if the Protagonist strikes down a target.

Battle Quotes
  • Come! Konohana-Sakuya! (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • Hear me, Amaterasu! (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • I am thou... There! (Summoning Persona)
  • It's over! (Summoning Persona)
  • Persona! (Summoning Persona)
  • It's so persistent! (Failure to eliminate enemy)
  • (sigh) I couldn't do it. (Failure to eliminate enemy)
  • Hang in there! (Recovering Ally's mental ailments)
  • Can you stand? (Recovering Ally's mental ailments)
  • I can still... do this (Recovering from 'Down' status)
  • Our enemy is down! We must strike! (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • Lets attack with all our strength! (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • We have our chance! Are you ready? (Prompting All-Out Attack)
  • All right! (Performing All-Out Attack)
  • Ready, set! (Performing All-Out Attack)
  • Begone! (During All-Out Attack)
  • You are the leader! (After denying All-Out Attack)
  • Uhh... never mind. (After denying All-Out Attack)
  • Let me do this! (Prompting Follow-up attack)
  • Please, allow me! (Prompting Follow-up attack)
  • Steady... (Performing Follow-up attack)
  • Concentrate... (Performing Follow-up attack)
  • You're wide open! (Follow-up attack)
  • There! (Follow-up attack)
  • Did that do it? (Battle Won)
  • Whew... I broke a sweat! (Battle Won)
  • Please come again. *giggle* (Battle Won)
  • (sigh) There's no end to this! (Battle Won)
  • Ohh! Did I level up? (Level Up)
  • Have I gotten a little stronger?

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Seta Souji

Japanese Name: 主人公/瀬多 総司
Romaji: Shujinkō/Seta Souji
English Name: Protagonist
First Appearance: Persona 4
Weapon: Two-Handed Sword
Persona: Izanagi, Izanagi-no-Okami, Wild Card
Japanese Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa
English Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
The Protagonist of Persona 4 is a student moving to Yasoinaba. I like him a bunch better than Arisato Minato from P3. Souji's so cool and the calmest among the Investigation Team member. Following the tradition of Shin Megami Tensei series, he is a silent protagonist, where his name and personality is decided and portrayed by the player's in-game actions and decisions. Similar to Tatsuya Suou of Persona 2 dualogy, he wields two-handed swords as his primary weapon, however, he doesn't use alternative weapons, in contrast to the Protagonist of Persona 3.

The Protagonist first appears in the Velvet Room, which is shown in first person point of view. In there he encounters Igor and his assistant, Margaret. Igor offers the Protagonist to read his fortune, and asks Protagonist to tell him his name, giving players the chance to name him. Igor remarks that a mystery awaits the Protagonist, and it is his fate to discover it. Igor would then introduce Margaret, and bid farewell to the Protagonist. The Protagonist later awakens from his subconscious, and reminiscences his old school prior leaving.

Reaching to Yasoinaba, the Protagonist meets up with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima, who introduces his daughter, Nanako Dojima to the Protagonist. Later, in their journey, Dojima stops by the gas station to refill his car's gas, and the Protagonist is welcomed by an attendant of the gas station, who offers him a job in the Gas Station. Before they drive off, the attendant gives the Protagonist a handshake.

Later, after the Protagonist falls asleep, he awakens in a fog-ridden area. In there, he hears a voice, telling him if he wishes to seek the truth, he should follow it. The Protagonist eventually encounters a human presence, but the heavy fog makes it impossible to see the other person. The voice claims to be intrigued by the Protagonist, and decides to lend him his power for the time being. The next day, the Protagonist enrolls into Yasogami High School and befriends Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi. The Protagonist befriends Yosuke Hanamura the next morning after he helps him to get up from his bicycle accident.

Yosuke later invites the Protagonist to Yasoinaba's delicacy store as a sign of gratitude. However, he changes his plans when Chie overhears his invitation, and takes both the Protagonist and Chie to Junes' food court instead, which, it turns out, is owned by Yosuke's family. Chie later tells the Protagonist and Yosuke about the urban legend of the Midnight Channel, and asks them to try it out. The Protagonist also meets Saki Konishi, a senior of Yosuke working as a part time. Later in the night, the Protagonist tries to gain access to the Midnight Channel and sees a blurred image of a female student in his TV. Intrigued, the Protagonist touches the screen of his TV, and discovers that he can place his hand inside the TV set. Much to his horror, the TV pulls him in, but he gets stuck because the TV screen was too small for his size. He manages to pull himself out, and accidentally knocks himself on the head.

The next morning, the Protagonist, Yosuke and Chie express the bemusement of their discovery, and mention seeing on the TV the same female student. The Protagonist tells Yosuke and Chie about how he was sucked in the TV, and the two assume it was a weird dream. Chie later tells them her family plans to buy a wide-screen TV, and asks Yosuke what he would recommend among the cheap sets that Junes carry. The trio go to the electronics department of Junes, and go over the TV sets on display. The Protagonist tries to re-enter the TV, this time, using a wide-screen TV large enough to insert his body in. Seeing the Protagonist stuck midway inside the TV, Yosuke and Chie try to hide him. Yosuke spies on a number of people approaching, panicking, he and Chie accidentally push themselves in the TV, and the three fall on the other side of the TV, the Midnight Channel.

Inside the Midnight Channel, the trio was shocked to see their surroundings, and becomes panic. The trio anxiously tries to return via searching the entrance they fell earlier, but failing to do so, they decided to check around the area. Eventually, they would encounter a Bear, who urges them to leave this place. The trio confesses their inability of doing so, and losing his patience, the bear summons three TVs, and promptly pushes them into the TVs, forcefully ejecting the trio out of the Midnight Channel.

The next day, during an assembly from the school reveals that Saki Konishi, passed away by a violent accident. Devastated, Yosuke swore to investigate the Midnight Channel, as the female student they've encountered earlier in the Midnight Channel is Saki Konishi. Yosuke requests the Protagonist to help him, as he is the only one who is able to enter the TV. Eventually the Protagonist and Yosuke would enter the Midnight Channel one more time, leaving the Chie behind. Inside the Midnight Channel, the Protagonist and Yosuke once again encounters the bear, who introduces himself as Teddie. Infuriated by their presence, Teddie angrily asks them whether are they responsible of "throwing people" inside the Midnight Channel. Upon learning that the Protagonist and Yosuke aren't responsible, Teddie promises to help, and gives them a pair of glasses, allowing them to see the fog ridden Midnight Channel clearly.

During their investigation, the Protagonist and Yosuke are ambushed by Shadows, causing the Protagonist to hear a voice telling him it is time to awaken his true self, receiving a tarot card. Crushing the card, the Protagonist awakens his initial Persona, Izanagi, and dispatch the Shadows. Bewildered by the Protagonist' ability, Teddie is intrigued by the Protagonist and comes to respect him, much to Yosuke's dismay.

The Protagonist and Yosuke would later end up in Saki Konishi's family liquor store. In there, they hear an inner voice of Saki expressing her hatred towards Yosuke. Surprised and devastated, another 'Yosuke' makes his entrance, and mocks Yosuke. Under Yosuke's continuous declination of the other Yosuke's taunts, the other 'Yosuke' transforms into a Shadow and attacks them. The Protagonist later defeats the Shadow. Yosuke then accepts that the Shadow is who he is, and receives his initial Persona, Jiraiya. The Protagonist and Yosuke would later leave the Midnight Channel and was angrily scolded by a worried Chie in the real world.

Late in that night, the Protagonist tries to tune in the Midnight Channel once again, and encounters a blurry image of young woman in kimono. Yosuke concludes the images as Yukiko Amagi, as the image shown is wearing the same kimono as Yukiko wore during a TV interview, to further complicate manner, Yukiko hasn't been showing up to the school, and Chie became worried. Yukiko later reveals to be busy catering the Inn through the phone, and thus have to skip school. However, still worried, Yosuke suggests the Protagonist to tune in the Midnight Channel tonight as well.

During that night, the Protagonist encounters a weird show called "Princess Yukiko's search for Prince Charming" in the Midnight Channel, where Yukiko dresses up as a princess in a journey of scoring herself a "hot stud", or prince charming. As Yukiko's behavior in the TV was rather bizarre and out of what she would normally do, Yosuke called the Protagonist, and suggests them to meet up in the Junes Food Court the next morning.

The Protagonist, along with Yosuke and Chie eventually sets out to rescue Yukiko, and along their way Chie faces herself, and receives her own Persona. The Protagonist, Yosuke and Chie later founded the Investigation Team, a team dedicated to investigate the origins of the Midnight Channel and the bizarre murder cases.

Through the Investigation Teams' activity within the Midnight Channel, however, they all expresses the same question upon the Protagonist' latent talent of invoking Personae without having to face his other self. As the story progress, the Protagonist would receive an anonymous threat letter telling him to stop his activities of saving people. Though the Investigation Team was worried, they've decided to continue watching the Midnight Channel, ignoring the letter's threat. The Protagonist eventually receives the threat after the Investigation Team continuously ignoring the threat, this time, the letter directly threatens the Protagonist that if he does not stop his actions, someone close to him will die.

The letter was later discovered by Ryotaro Dojima, and upon thinking about the Protagonist' possible connection with the recent chain of events, the Protagonist was detained in the Police station. Ryotaro eventually coerces the Protagonist to spend a a night in the police station. During Midnight, the Protagonist is shocked to see Nanako's silhouette in the Midnight Channel, who is revealed to be kidnapped. The Investigation Team eventually found out Nanako's kidnapper and the one sending the threat letters basing on bits of information salvaged by Ryotaro Dojima. The Investigation Team finds out the true murderer is actually Taro Namatame, the lover of the Mayumi Yamano, the first victim.

The Investigation Team eventually succeeds in saving Nanako, but Nanako's health began deteriorate critically after her exposure to the Midnight Channel. Unfortunately, Nanako ultimately dies in December 3rd, with the Protagonist being the only one able to listen to her last words. The Investigation Team eventually manages to sneak in Namatame's ward. Grief ridden and devastated, the Investigation Team tries to kill Namatame by pushing him trough the his hospital room's TV. Depending on the Protagonist' decisions of dealing with Namatame, Nanako may die or awaken once again.

The Normal Ending:
In the Normal Ending, the Protagonist manages to calm down the Investigation Team, and points out his doubts about Namatame being the murderer. The Investigation Team eventually found out the murderer of Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi is actually Tohru Adachi, who was also the one sending them the threat letters. Cornering him, the Investigation Team manages to defeat Tohru Adachi. However, after Adachi's defeat, it reveals that in actuality, Adachi was only playing a small role of the whole plan: He was controlled by a being named Ameno-sagiri, who plans turn to reality into a Shadow-ridden world. The Investigation Team eventually manages to defeat Ameno-sagiri, and proving humans' potential towards Ameno-sagiri, Ameno-sagiri promises to lift up the fog that has been infesting Yasoinaba, but exclaims that as long as humanity wishes for the fog to return, he will awaken once again. The Normal Ending ends with the Protagonist bidding a heartful farewell to his friends, and leaves Yasoinaba.

The True Ending:

The True Ending takes up following the events of Ameno-sagiri's defeat. Similar to the Normal Ending, the Protagonist decides to visit his friends one last time. Prior leaving the Dojima Residence, Nanako gives to Protagonist a letter. After bidding farewell to his friends, should the Protagonist decides to regroup the Investigation Team one last time in Junes unlocks the True Ending. In there, the Investigation Team became intrigued of Ameno-sagiri's last words of bestowing the others the power to venture into the Midnight Channel. However, since Adachi and Namatame did not face themselves, the Investigation Team eventually deducts that their powers came from the same source as the Protagonist.

The Protagonist later opens the letter received from Nanako earlier. It turns out that Adachi was the one who wrote to the Protagonist. In the letter, Adachi informs that Protagonist even his game is over, there's still something he couldn't shake it off, and it's up to the Protagonist to solve it.

The Investigation Team eventually realizes that Ameno-sagiri said that those who've awakened their powers are supposed to play their roles to override the world with shadows as well, meaning that there's actually a conductor behind monitoring their actions within the bizarre murders and the Midnight Channel, and the conductor is the one giving the Protagonist, Adachi, and Namatame their Personae. Igor would later then tells the Protagonist that he is going to grasp a truth even their powers cannot predict, and he will play a role in assisting the Protagonist. Igor then gives the Protagonist the Orb of Sight, which erases lies and reveals the truth, playing an important part of the final boss fight.


  • In contrast to the previous Protagonist, this Protagonist is actually older than some of the main characters and is referred to as Senpai, instead of You or Him, by Kanji, Rise, and Naoto. He's also called Aibo (partner) by Yosuke, Onii-Chan (or Big Bro in the English version) by Nanako, and Sensei by Teddie.
  • In doujin fan works, The Protagonist is often given the joke name "Banchou" (Gang Leader) in reference to Izanagi's appearance, which is akin to that of a gakuran-clad youth gang leader's prevalent image in post-war Japan.
  • When the Protagonist is forced to cross-dress for the "Miss" Yasogami High Beauty Pageant during the school festival, his appearance has great resemblance to the character Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire, complete with a wooden sword.

P4 Review

This stylish role-playing social-simulation game packs a great story, realistic characters, and dozens of hours of enjoyment.

Late last year, Atlus completely reinvented its Persona series, a spin-off from the relatively niche Shin Megami Tensei franchise, and brought its third entry to the US after seven years of retirement. With its unconventional yet addictive blend of dungeon-crawling action and social simulation, it quickly garnered accolades from all directions. A year later, Persona has returned with a sequel that not only builds upon but greatly improves the quirky formula that made its predecessor so successful, and with its unique take on the murder mystery and its realistic characters, it proves once again that the PlayStation 2 isn't quite as dead as you may think.

Persona 4 begins when your main character--a silent protagonist whom you name--is sent to live with his uncle in the sleepy village of Inaba. After experiencing some difficulty adjusting to your new school life thanks to a nightmarish homeroom teacher, you make fast friends with Yosuke, another big-city transplant like yourself; Yukiko, the daughter of a family famous for running a traditional local inn; and Chie, a hyperactive girl obsessed with martial arts movies. Things seem to be going well, until one morning shortly after your arrival an unnaturally thick fog sets in and leaves behind a body hung upside down from a power line. With the local police seemingly unable to even determine a cause of death, and faith in them waning thanks to a second, eerily similar case, you discover that you may be the only person who can put an end to the killings. For some reason, you possess the ability to travel into the Midnight Channel--a rumored show said to appear and reveal your soul mate if you stare into a TV on a rainy night--where victims are trapped before they meet their fatal end, and provided you make it in time, you can set them free and thwart the killer.

It is there, inside the Midnight Channel, that you discover your second power, the ability to summon forth personae--reflections of your true self aligned with one of the major arcana of the tarot deck. With this innate talent, you can defeat the monstrous shadows that roam the TV world and help your friends to confront their own inner shadows, allowing them to unleash their own personae. Together, you investigate a series of dungeons crafted around the victims' insecurities or darkest fears, which range from the mundane (a castle for a princess waiting for a prince to take her away) to the retro (an 8-bit game complete with pixelated fire) to the twisted (a men's bathhouse for a young teenage punk unsure of his sexuality). Each dungeon is randomly generated, but unlike the 200+ floor Tartarus from Persona 3, they tend to be only about a dozen floors deep, keeping them fresher and more interesting. You no longer have to worry about your party becoming fatigued, and you can explore to your heart's content, though you will often find that the rarity of spirit (magic) point restoring items will limit the amount of progress you can make in a single trip.

Like its predecessor, Persona 4 takes place over the course of a complete year that you work your way though one day at a time, but unlike in previous Shin Megami Tensei games, major events are not tied to the moon phases. Instead, your investigations into the Midnight Channel are ruled by the weather--occasionally someone will be trapped inside, and if you don't rescue that person by the time the fog returns after a heavy rainfall, he or she will die, forcing you to restart. It's not all about dungeon crawling though, because you must balance your secret life as a supernatural detective with your everyday existence as a student. Friendships and relationships need to be forged and maintained because your ability to create new personae is limited by the strength of these bonds, called social links. By spending time with a friend or love interest in often hilarious or touching events, you can strengthen your social links--which are tied to an arcana as personae are--and you can unlock new powers in allies such as the ability to defend you from a mortal attack in combat. On top of that, you also need to worry about your own personal growth--your character has five attributes that can affect everything from how well you do in your tests to whether you have the guts to ask that cute girl for her phone number. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to raise these skills, such as studying in the library, reading a book, attending school clubs, or even working part-time jobs for extra cash and social links. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather reports, because your time is limited.

Fans of Persona 3's battle system will be pleased to know that it is almost entirely intact with several tweaks and improvements. Shadows still appear as amorphous blobs when you're running around a dungeon, and combat is initiated by either making physical contact or attacking them with your weapon. Attacks are divided into seven types, which both you and your enemies are weak against to some degree, and striking a shadow's weak spot will knock it down and award you with another turn. Downed enemies can be struck again to beat them dizzy and cost them a turn, and if they're all knocked down, your party can bum-rush them in an all-out attack for massive damage. Enemy weaknesses can be discovered only by trial and error, and though you've always got an ally on support to keep track of the ones you've already found for later reference, you still have to deal with their annoyingly obvious narration of your fights. Two other notable changes are the absence of the controversial pistol-like evokers used to summon personae via mock suicide (your inner self is evoked by shattering a tarot card this time) and your ability to directly control party member actions rather than being forced to rely on their AI behaviors. While the former is purely aesthetic, the latter is perhaps the best change to occur in the game because your teammates will sometimes perform inexplicable (and inappropriate) deeds in the middle of a heated fight if left to their own devices.

Visually, Persona 4 shares a number of similarities with its predecessor, including a realistic modern-day setting, an outrageously stylish presentation, and, unfortunately, a lot of reused art assets and a poor camera system that makes navigating the twists and turns of dungeons difficult. The music is heavily inspired by J-pop and J-rock and is extremely catchy, so despite the number of times you may hear the battle theme throughout your entire journey, it never gets old. The majority of the game is voice-acted by a mostly stellar cast, though there are some awkward stretches of text in social-link events and side quests that for whatever reason do not have spoken dialogue, even though some of it does.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is an excellent sequel that builds upon an already successful formula by improving it in nearly every way. With a down-to-earth cast of likable characters, an intriguing story further realizes its cast by highlighting their psychological complexities and making them seem that much more real, and an engaging and fun combat system, it's sure to keep your attention for the duration. Whether you're a fan of the dark and bizarre Shin Megami Tensei series or a first time shadow fighter, Persona 4 is a superb role-playing adventure with something to offer to everyone.

The Good:
- Multiple themed dungeons to explore
- Fun and engaging combat
- Great cast of realistic characters
- Social links directly influence combat performance
- Character stats have a strong effect on actions

The Bad:
- Poor camera when dungeon-crawling
- Lots of reused shadow and persona artwork

My Score for P4: 90

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