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Ozawa Yumi

Yumi Ozawa, as seen in Persona 4.

Yumi Ozawa is a character from Persona 4. A student from Yasogami High School, Yumi Ozawa is an devoted member of the Yasogami Drama Club.

Concept artwork of Yumi.

Yumi Ozawa represents the Sun Arcana Social Link, and creates one with the Protagonist upon his first day in joining the drama club. Vice-versa, the Sun Arcana Social Link can still be created if the Protagonist joins the School Band and befriends Ayane Matsunaga.

An enthusiastic member, Yumi Ozawa is known to be a talented but somewhat demanding member of the club. She enjoys watching musicals and operas, telling the Protagonist that he can learn a lot about acting in the films, and would often offer the Protagonist one to see.

The President originally wanted his girlfriend to be the main female heroine in the school play, but eventually Yumi Ozawa was chosen instead under Yumi Ozawa's persuasion, with the Protagonist being the main hero. Once Yumi Ozawa was chosen, she becomes much more devoted towards the play, and begins to disregard her friends and other members, constantly demanding more time in the club so she could train her play.

Despite her enthusiasm, Yumi Ozawa slowly slips from Club meetings, and eventually reveals that she lives only with her mother alone. Her father, who divorced with her mother for another woman suddenly came back, ill-ridden. Yumi Ozawa's father exclaims that he wanted to see Yumi and her mother one last time before his illness overtakes him, but Yumi instead angrily lashes out at her mother for forgiving her father so easily.

Yumi Ozawa eventually plans to give up her goal to become a heroine of the play, as her mother is currently facing hardships working alone to support herself, Yumi, and her father. However, as she visits her father, Yumi's feelings became conflicted; she cannot forgive her father for being disloyal, but at the same time Yumi faces the kind father of hers that once was, and confused about her subconscious slowly begin to re-accept her father.

Unfortunately, Yumi's father passed away during one of the Protagonist's visits to the hospital. With his last breath, Yumi's father told her that her mother and him took a long time to name her, and that eventually settles as 'Yumi'. Her father explains that Yumi is derived from 'bear fruit', and Yumi was her parent's fruit - their pride and hope. Eventually upon her father's death, Yumi's feelings becomes even more conflicted, and exclaims that even though she hated him, she did not have a chance to thank her father for her birth.

Yumi slowly becomes disinterested in the play and the drama club, and becomes aware of her true feelings, and loses her goal. She remarks that when her father hasn't returned, she was dearly beloved by everyone, but now everyone seems disinterested in her. Yumi further adds the fact that she, even after her father's death, still hated him but is unable to not accept him as he was her one and only father.

Under the Protagonist' guidance, Yumi slowly finds her true feelings, and by the end of the Social Link, Yumi finally understands why was she so devoted to acting before her father's return but became uninterested after her father's death- in reality, she only enjoys acting because she seeks it as her only way to hide her sorrow and true feelings, and realizes that her interest in acting was only way of escaping. Realizing this, Yumi eventually decides to quit the drama club, and exclaims that she will help her mother.

Yumi would also grant the Protagonist her Annotated Script, bestowing the ultimate form of the Sun Arcana, Asura, and confesses her love to the Protagonist. Understand her sudden confession, Yumi tells the Protagonist that she'll give the Protagonist some time of consideration, and turns away. Depending on the Protagonist' actions, Yumi may end up as his close friend or his girlfriend.

Adachi Tohru

Tohru Adachi
Japanese Name: 足立 透
Romaji: Adachi Tōru
English Name:
First Appearance: Persona 4
Weapon: Pistol
Persona: Magatsu Izanagi
Japanese Voice Actor: Mitsuaki Madono
English Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

Tohru Adachi is a non-player character in Persona 4.

Concept artwork of Adachi's expressions.
  • Age: 27 y.o. (start of game)
  • Date of birth: February 1st, 1984
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Blood Type: A

A cheerful and jovial detective, Adachi often serves as the story's comic relief. He jokingly refers to himself as the 'slave' of Dojima, complaining of the workload that his partner piles on him. Adachi also often accidentally blurts out the police investigation results to the Investigation Team, much to his own chagrin. He can be seen hanging around Junes Department Store, usually planning to buy cabbages to cook for dinner.

Should the Protagonist manage to stay calm and make the correct decision not to kill Taro Namatame (the Team's primary suspect of the bizarre murder cases), the Normal Ending is unlocked. The Investigation Team, upon further questioning of Namatame, realizes a horrid truth: everything they've deduced was the direct opposite. Namatame stayed true to his words- he was trying to save the 'victims', but was merely misdirected. Although he did trap Yukiko, Kanji, Rise and Naoto, he did not kill Mayumi Yamano nor Saki Konishi, the first two victims.

As the Investigation Team investigates further into the bizarre murder cases and the secret behind the Midnight Channel, they come up with bits of evidence and clues showing that Adachi had the perfect opportunity to murder the first two victims. As they investigate further, they find that Adachi has strong evidence of being the murderer.

Realizing this, the Team is informed that Namatame is going to have his transportation and rush to the Hospital, where they trick Adachi into accidentally revealing his connection with the murder cases. In an act of desperation, Adachi runs away from them and enters the Midnight Channel as his final escape.

The Investigation tracks down Adachi, and it turns out he waits within the very first reality the Protagonist, Yosuke and Chie ended up in - Mayumi Yamano's reality. Upon finding Adachi, the detective reveals that he held a romantic interest towards Mayumi Yamano and used his job on the police force to be alone with Mayumi while she stayed in the Amagi Inn, telling the others that he was sent by to protect her from the media.

When the two are alone in the inn's lobby, Adachi asks whether her affair with Namatame is real, which Mayumi brushes off and spurns his feelings. Enraged, Adachi pushes Mayumi back and attempts to rape her, but accidentally drops her into the TV behind them. Since Adachi only tried inserting parts of his body into the TV before, he was surprised and amused to see that humans can actually enter the TV. After the incident, Mayumi ended up as the first victim, with Saki Konishi being the witness of Mayumi's body.

Adachi later questions Saki about her discovery of Mayumi's body. Through his questions, Adachi tries to seduce Saki, but Saki retaliates by slapping him. Having his feelings spurned once again, Adachi pushes Saki into the TV inside the Police Station's interrogation room. Since Saki's body was lighter and skinnier than Mayumi, Adachi was able to push her with ease. Boasting his accomplishment, Adachi remarks that he wasn't committing crimes, but merely establishing justice by killing those two "gold-diggers" hoping to swindle Namatame's money.

Concept artwork of Adachi.

When Namatame realized that every victim that was murdered first appeared on TV, he contacted the police- however, Adachi was the one who answered Namatame's call. Adachi then reveals that he was the one giving Namatame the idea of pushing the people who appeared on TV into the Midnight Channel (supposedly to save them from the murderer), and mocks Namatame's efforts, wondering aloud whether he was caught up in a messiah complex. When a student named Mitsuo Kubo came to the police station to confess to the murders of Mayumi and Saki, Adachi's superiors were less than amused, and pawned off Adachi off with the student.

Since allowing Mitsuo to confess to the murders would effectively stop Namatame from continuing to kidnap the people appearing on TV, and Adachi couldn't bear to let his "game" of cat-and-mouse end so quickly, he formulated a plan to lock Mitsuo into the Midnight Channel. His plans were, of course, foiled by the Investigation Team, but because Adachi turned off the lights in the interrogation room Mitsuo had no idea that Adachi was the one who pushed him in. When the Team finds him in the other world, Adachi comments that the 'game' would be boring if the Investigation Team were unable to track him down, and congratulates the Investigation Team in a mocking manner. The 'Adachi' talking to the Investigation Team in Mayumi's reality was revealed to be an illusion, and Rise and Teddie later found out that Adachi was already in his reality.

Adachi's ultimate goal was to create a large rift between the Midnight Channel and the Real World, allowing the fog to completely engulf the reality, making the world a place infested with shadows. Taunting the Team, Adachi escapes into his reality, and became surprised when the Team actually gives in to his taunts. Adachi calls the Team "losers", and wonders aloud why wouldn't they take life simpler by just studying, growing up, and getting through marriage.

Adachi's reality inside the Midnight Channel Magatsu Inaba takes the form of a twisted maze, covered in yellow police tape, potholes, and signposts. Upon reaching the final floor, Adachi sarcastically gives the Team a round of applause. His justification for his actions is that humanity wants the world to be a place where there is no pain and no suffering, and should the world's population turn into Shadows, that dream could become a reality. Adachi also claims that he originally became a police officer just so he could carry a gun. He proceeds to express his disgust and contempt towards society, saying that everyone is condemned to live a life filled with boundaries- only the lucky few who are born with talent are able to get out, and everyone else is forced to either deny or accept the fact that they will never achieve their hopes and dreams.

Ignoring Adachi's words, the Investigation Team engage Adachi in a fight. During battle, Adachi reveals that he can summon a Persona, with his Persona taking the form of none other than the Protagonist' initial Persona, Izanagi. However, unlike the Protagonist', Adachi's variation of Izanagi takes the form of a bloodied, vein-covered and more malevolent form. After his defeat, it is revealed that Adachi was being controlled by an entity called Ameno-sagiri, who is the real mastermind behind Adachi's plans of filling the world with fog. However, Adachi himself expressed that it was also partially his true desire as well; and thus was not totally possessed by Ameno-sagiri, and is still to blame for the murders.

Upon Adachi's defeat, he questions the Team's reluctance of killing him, asking them wasn't that their initial goal of pursuing him, in which the Team replies that killing him would essentially continue the cycle — one dies; and shows up in the antenna the next day. Surprised by the Team's resolution, Adachi finally gives up, and willingly follows the Team out the Midnight Channel. Outside the Midnight Channel, upon the polices arrival, the Team was inquired that whether a stretcher would be necessary to carry out an exhausted Adachi, which reveals to be a personal favour of Ryotaro Dojima. Further surprised by the polices' exclamation, Adachi finally acknowledges that despite Ryotaro's strict orders towards him, Ryotaro still considers him as an assistant. Guilt-ridden and touched, Adachi swore to confess his crimes to the police, making full cooperation with them.

If the events of the True Ending Arc, which follows after Adachi's defeat, the Team receive a letter from the recently-convicted Adachi, stating his suspicions about there being a higher being orchestrating the entire thing. Unfortunately, he can only give vague clues at best- and tells the Protagonist it is up to him to solve the mystery.

Namatame Taro

Taro Namatame

Taro Namatame (生田目 太郎, Namatame Tarō) is a character in Persona 4. Once a city council secretary, his affair with announcer Mayumi Yamano began a chain of important events.

Being a city council secretary, Namatame was married to renowned enka singer Misuzu Hiiragi. However, her popularity had put a strain in their relationship. Seeking solace, he met with TV announcer Mayumi Yamano while the announcer was doing interviews with candidates for the next election.

Namatame found out that they both had come from the town of Inaba. Both understood their passion on work, and eventually began an intimate relationship. However, the affair was exposed and a scandal erupted, which led to the end of his career and his marriage. Both he and his wife Hiiragi affirmed that the enka singer chose to nullify their marriage. Namatame then fled to his hometown.

Seeing that the affair had cause a great deal of grief for Yamano, who was getting bad publicity during afternoon shows and had her shows and appearances canceled, Namatame wanted to apologize to her. However, he failed to contact her. Namatame begun to drink heavily to wash away his guilt.

Recalling a rumor of a bizarre channel that showed one's soulmate, Namatame sat one night in front of the television and finally saw Yamano. In the channel, Yamano appeared to be in pain. In his disbelief and anxiety, Namatame touched the screen, and discovered that he could reach literally into the television.

Dismissing it as fatigue, Namatame rested and went to the city to work the next day. He was fired on the spot, just as he had expected. He went back to Inaba, where his father offered him work with the family's delivery service to alleviate his grief. However, his grief worsens when Yamano's dead body was discovered hanging amongst television antennas.

Grieving Yamano's death, he sat in front of the television again to see a Yasogami High School student appearing in the Midnight Channel. As he had been following the news on Yamano, he realized she was Saki Konishi, the student who found Yamano's dead body. Convinced that the channel was a portent of imminent death, he tried to warn Konishi, to no avail. The next day, he learned that Konishi had died, the same way as Yamano.

Namatame tried contacting the police, and got through to Detective Adachi. Adachi suggested that Namatame keep whoever was shown on the channel safe somewhere. As he was trying to figure out where a safe place could be, another person was shown on the channel. It was Yukiko Amagi, daughter of the Amagi Inn. Namatame thought the girl in the channel was smiling, and decided to place her inside the television, where he believes she will be safe.

He first kidnaps Yukiko and placed her in the television. Days later, Yukiko apparently survived the killings, and Namatame was convinced that he should repeat the process every time a person appears in the channel. His job as a deliveryman was a perfect front for his "mission" to save people. His latest mission - to "save" Nanako Dojima - was almost thwarted, however, when her father pursued him. In desperation, he fled with Nanako into the television.

This, however, was the turning point for him. Namatame had never realized that the place inside the television was grotesque and abominable. He could not find his way out, and discovered that a bunch of teenagers are after him. When they finally cornered him, he was caught up in his "mission to save" complex and was possessed by his own Shadow, which transformed after merging with other Shadows into the entity called Kunino-sagiri.

However, the Investigation Team proved to be more than a match for him, and he was defeated and sent to the hospital under police custody. He woke up in the hospital bed one night, and was scared of what had transpired. Suddenly, the Team appeared, apparently angry at him for hurting the little girl, and apparently sending Nanako to her death. The Team was about to hurl him into the television that was in his room, and was motivated to do so when an image of him appeared in the television, mocking the Team's attempt to stop his "mission".

In the Bad Ending, when his image in the television appeared, the boys were riled up and had no doubt it was Namatame's fault, despite his own miserable attempt to deny it. Namatame gets thrown into the television and apparently died in the channel.

However, should the protagonist manage to keep everyone calm, Namatame was spared this fate. Detective Adachi decided to transport Namatame out in a couple of days, apparently without Dojima's authority. Namatame rested, and had a visit from the Team the next day.

Here, the Team managed to convince Namatame that they too could enter the television, and had reason to believe that he was not the real culprit. Namatame believed them and reveals his entire role, up to the point of Nanako's "rescue attempt". He also convinces the Team that he loved Yamano with all his heart and would not think of murdering her or hurt her in anyway, notwithstanding all the other three students he had kidnapped. He finds out from the Team that all this while his mission had only brought the people he "saved" closer to their deaths. He apologizes profusely and asks the Team to capture the real culprit - the one who had murdered Yamano and Konishi.

He was transported out of the hospital the next day, and his immediate fate is left unknown.


If the player visits the Samegawa Riverbed on certain days, Namatame will be sitting on the rocks, if the player speaks too him, he will say "Who in the world could've done such a... [pause] It's horrible... too horrible... [pause] .....", if the player visits the Shopping District on certain days, Namatame will be in the southern part, and when spoken too, he will respond with "Why...? I just had an affair, and look what it turned into... [pause] Mayumi... Forgive me..." Other lines of dialogue include "I was fired from work in spring... But I'm helping with the family business now. The life here is nice too..." After the completion of Mitsuo Kubo's dungeon Namatame will have this to say, "The incidents...Are they really over...? Everything was really that boy's fault?" and later in the game Namatame wll say; "If the police can't gather the evidence...Mayumi... won't be able to rest in peace...I hope... that justice will be served..."

Nakajima Shu

Shu Nakajima in Persona 4

Shu Nakajima (中島秀, Nakajima Shu) is a character in Persona 4. A brilliant middle school student, he represents the Tower Arcana Social Link.

The protagonist first meets him, when he takes the tutoring job available when you've maxed out the understanding status.

By tutoring Shu, you discover that he is in constant pressure of always being number one in his class by his mother. When a smart student who is also athletic and talented joined his class, he tried to cheat so that he can be the best, however he was caught and was suspended from school.

After discovering that he cheated on a test, his mother told him that she was embarrassed by this. However she apologized later on when she discovered that he does this to meet her expectations. He discovered that he doesn't have to be the best at school to have his mother's love, so he canceled all of his tutoring sessions and he wanted to try out at baseball. Then he gave the protagonist his Test Results to remember him by, giving the protagonist access to Shiva the God of Destruction.

At the last day of the protagonist, Shu has made a new friend with the person that he was jealous with, and is going to play baseball the following day.

Uehara Sayoko

Sayoko Uehara, as seen in Persona 4.

Sayoko Uehara is a character in Persona 4. A nurse working in the Hospital of Yasoinaba, her flirtatious personality towards the Protagonist shares a resemblance with Lilith's interactions with the Protagonists from Shin Megami Tensei series.

Concept Artwork of Sayoko Uehara.

Sayoko Uehara represents the Devil Arcana Social Link, however, she does not create one with the Protagonist during their first meeting. As Sayoko is working as a nurse, she can only be interacted should the Protagonist takes up the part-time job of working as a Janitor in the Hospital. Furthermore, the Protagonist' 'Diligence' status must be at least at the Lv. 'Persistent' before being able to take the job, as the job is only available during night time.

During the Protagonist' first encounter with Sayoko, he witnesses a Doctor talking to Sayoko. Noticing the Protagonist, Sayoko attempts to flirt with the Protagonist, but exclaims that she'll continue the next time the Protagonist comes here, and tells him to go home. Upon the Protagonist' second meeting with Sayoko, Sayoko, this time openly tries to seduce the Protagonist, and took a liking towards the Protagonist, telling him that she might change her time shift just to meet the Protagonist, and creates the Devil Arcana Social Link with the Protagonist.

Through the Protagonist' interaction with Sayoko, Sayoko reveals her dilemma of losing her goal in life, and her motivation of taking care of others. She also reveals that prior she was transferred to this hospital, she established a relationship with a doctor. However, the doctor was already married, and under the circumstances, she broke up with the doctor and was transferred to this hospital. After their break-up, however, the doctor continue to flirt behind his wife again, and the doctor's wife make a special trip to the Hospital in Yasoinaba to scold Sayoko of being a sultry woman.

Later, Sayoko's dilemma is further fueled after hearing the death of a young patient she genuinely cared for in the last hospital. After hearing the incident, Sayoko becomes a workaholic, and continuously demands others' to work harder as well. However, under the constant work, Sayoko began stressing out herself, and eventually collapsed.

Sayoko eventually realized that her sudden change of attitude in work was actually a way to escape her true feelings, and in reality, she herself was the main reason why she has lost her original goal. Realizing the Protagonist' help to her realization, she cheekily remarks that a "teenager with a rag" was the one helping her realizing her faults, but thanked the Protagonist from the bottom of her heart nonetheless.

By the end of the Social Link, Sayoko informs the Protagonist that she will be transferring to another hospital soon, and exclaims that in reality, even though she felt that she was just an temporary item to take care of a patient, her original motive of becoming a nurse was because of a simple reason - she cared for others, and hopes to take care of them. Thanking the Protagonist, Sayoko gives the Protagonist her Hospital ID as a remembrance of her realization, and bids farewell to the Protagonist. Before leaving, Sayoko tells the Protagonist that what is one's purpose of existing in this world, what is that individual's goal, are all actually hidden inside one self,and it is up to them to decide their roles.

Completing the Devil Arcana Social Link with Sayoko also bestows the ultimate form of the Devil Arcana, Beelzebub, the Prince of Lies.

In the epilogue, the Protagonist learns that Sayoko has joined a volunteer medical organization dedicated to help the poor countries, and had already went to Africa. The other nurses remarks that Sayoko is actually their hardest worker, and while they're intrigued by the rumors of the Midnight Channel, Sayoko was studying foreign languages and medical books. Sayoko's resolution and determination, however, inspires the other nurses to work harder, with one of the nurses remarks that Sayoko's determination might have been inspired by her 'younger boyfriend', implying that Sayoko may have fallen for the Protagonist.

Konishi Saki

Saki Konishi is a minor character in Persona 4. A senior to the Protagonist and Yosuke Hanamura, she works as a part time worker in Junes. She is also the eldest daughter of a family business liquor store, whose brother Naoki is a junior of the protagonist.
Saki Konishi, as seen in Persona 4.

Concept artwork of Saki.

Saki Konishi is first seen taking a break from her part-time job working in Junes. She reveals that Yosuke's father is a manage of Junes, and that she is Yosuke's co-worker. She sees Yosuke as a nosy little brother. However, it is implied that Yosuke harbors romantic feelings towards Saki, but fails to confess to her. Saki is later shown to be the witness of a murder case, making her nervous and scared.

Later, when the Protagonist, Chie Satonaka, and Yosuke tries to access the Midnight Channel, the trio encounters a blurring image of a female student resembling Saki Konishi, who appears to be writhing in pain. The next day, Saki Konishi went missing, and was later reported to be dead from a violent accident. Devastated by her death, Yosuke requests the Protagonist take him into the Midnight Channel, as he is the only one capable to do so.

Saki's inner thoughts are later revealed when the Protagonist and Yosuke investigate the Midnight Channel. In truth, her family liquor store's sales were falling because of the opening of Junes. Further, her decision take a job as a part-time worker in Junes greatly irritated her family, and such, her father would often scold her for her decisions.

After being a witness of the murder case, her dilemma is further fueled when her classmates and friends began talking behind her back, and finally, she confessed that, in reality, she hated Yosuke and only befriended him because he is the son of the manager of Junes. Saki's cause of death may be led by the attack of Shadows, or her reluctance to accept her true feelings, manifested as a shadow.

If the Protagonist levels up the Magician Arcana Social Link to Lv. 6, it is revealed that Saki Konishi was rumored to be having a relationship with a college student, and planned to leave Yasoinaba with him. However, as she lacked money, she decided work in Junes.

Despite her hatred towards her life and Yosuke, Saki Konishi is arguably the main motivation of Yosuke for venturing into the Midnight Channel, and amongst others, the discovery of Shadows and the mystery behind the Midnight Channel and murder cases.

Dojima Ryotaro

Ryotaro Dojima
Japanese Name: 堂島 遼太郎
Romaji: Dōjima Ryōtarō
English Name: Ryotaro Dojima
First Appearance: Persona 4
Persona: {{{persona}}}
Japanese Voice Actor: Unshou Ishizuka
English Voice Actor: David Lodge
Ryotaro Dojima is a character from Persona 4. He is Nanako Dojima's father and the protagonist's uncle from his mother's side. Ryotaro works as a police detective in Yasoinaba, and is helped by his assistant Tohru Adachi. He lives at the Dojima Residence east of Inaba.
  • Age: 42 y.o. (start of game)
  • Date of birth: 16th May, 1969
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Arcana: Hierophant

Ryotaro lives alone with his daughter until the protagonist temporarily stays with them. His Arcana is the Hierophant, so increasing his social link empowers the player's Hierophant personas.

A detective of the Inaba police force, Dojima personally handled the mysterious serial killings happening in Persona 4. At the same time, his social link reveals that he was also pursuing an older case regarding a hit and run that killed his wife years ago. Because of this, he is often away from home, and comes home late, leaving his young daughter Nanako to look after herself.

Going through the S.Link, Dojima and the Protagonist bond through idle chatter about life at the table. Over the course of the story, Dojima then admits to the Protagonist the fate of his wife. She was killed in a hit-and-run, while going to pick Nanako up from school. Ever since, Dojima had been searching eagerly to find the culprit. Knowing it was probably a sedan that killed her, Dojima admits that the culprit has most likely left town. At the end of the S.Link, Dojima realizes that Nanako and the Protagonist are his family, and that he needs to care for them more than his work. They celebrate being a family with cake, and the Hierophant S.Link is complete.

President Tanaka

Tanaka, as seen in Persona 3.

President Tanaka (社長・たなか, Shachou Tanaka), is the president of a mega-corp. company. He makes his first appearance in Persona 3, and known to be a successful, yet cunning business man. Tanaka also hosts his own home shopping show, Tanaka's Amazing Commodities, which shows every Sunday morning.


Persona 3

Also known as TV Tanaka, Tanaka is a television salesman and president of his own company. If the Protagonist's Charm is high enough, he asks him to be a model for his products. He then swindles the protagonist out of a large sum of money, however, when he sees the protagonist is unaware he's being taken advantage off, Tanaka takes him under his wing and begins to teach him about business. The Protagonist would then create the Devil Arcana Social Link.

Through the Protagonist' interaction with Tanake, the Protagonist learns Tanaka's passion of making money, but Tanaka lacks business ethics, and teaches the protagonist questionable sales tactics. However, Tanaka's materialistic behavior may be stem from his past when he was a high-school student, where he is constantly looked-down upon, it is also implied that, Tanaka, prior of his success, came from a poor family.

Tanaka would later take interest in one of his female colleague who enjoys doing charity work. Tanaka chastises his colleague, but eventually realize that what he truly take interest in isn't making money, but to educate others so they could achieve success. At the end of the Social Link, Tanaka will reveal that he made a donation to a orphanage community, and gives the Protagonist the Gratitude Letter, bestowing the form of Beelzebub.

In the expansion re-release of Persona 3, namely Persona 3: FES, the epilogue reveals that Tanaka is faced by dozens of interviewers chastising his unethical business techniques, and demands him to come out for an explanation. Tanaka eventually tricks the interviewers, and uses the opportunity of being interviewed on air to advertise his products. Tanaka also mentions that he "has nothing to hide nor ashamed of", implying that he may have decided to try to do business more ethically.

As mentioned above, the Protagonist can also tune in the program of Tanaka's Amazing Commodities through his TV during Sunday Morning, where Tanaka advertises his products.

Persona 4

Tanaka returns as a minor character in Persona 4, however, he is not represented by any Social Link. He returns as the host of Tanaka's Amazing Commodities, where the Protagonist can purchase his products every Sunday morning.

Kashiwagi Noriko

Ms. Kashiwagi

Noriko Kashiwagi (柏木典子 [かしわぎ のりこ], Kashiwagi Noriko) is a character from Persona 4. Part of the Yasogami High School faculty, she is one of homeroom teachers.

Ms. Kashiwagi plays the part of the homeroom teacher, and is in charge of Classroom 2-2. She replaces Kinshiro Morooka and is the direct opposite of Mr. Morooka. Ms. Kashiwagi, or Noriko as she'd like to be called, is a voluptuous female who speaks in a sultry voice. Because of her conduct and behavior, the class unanimously hates her, deeming her worse than her predecessor.

She is more relaxed in her interaction with the students, even to the point where she talks about suggestive topics during lectures. Even so, Kashiwagi detests Rise Kujikawa, calling the girl an "inexperienced jailbait". She seems to be more enthusiastic when vacation nears, and talks more about holidays than teaching her lectures. Even so, she proves to be just as able as any other teacher in the school.

For the Class Trip to Tatsumi Port Island, she sought out the cheapest hotel for the students to stay, which turns out to be the former love hotel in Persona 3 that S.E.E.S visited to defeat the Hierophant and Lovers Greater Shadows, Champs De Fleurs which was now known as the Seaside Clamshell Hotel. She is proud of her choice, despite the students' wave of agitation.

For the Culture Festival, Kashiwagi was in charge of two beauty pageants at the school, and completely left it to her homeroom class to decide what they were going to do on the two days of festivities. One of the beauty pageants was a cross-dressing contest for males. The winner of the contest was to be a judge for the female beauty pageant, and she was delighted to hear that the winner (Teddie) decided to add a swimsuit competition in it.

She entered the pageant, confident she would win the swimsuit part. To her, the other contestants; Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Naoto are no match for her, and she even mocked Rise. Strangely, she didn't mock Hanako Ohtani. When the pageant ended, however, everyone lost to Naoto, even though Naoto did not appear for the swimsuit part. This devastated her so much.

After the Festival, she and Ohtani went to the Amagi Inn and wept their loss. Unknowingly, the Team and Nanako had also stayed at the inn. Their cries were heard all the way to the room where the protagonist, Yosuke, Teddie and Kanji stayed, causing the boys to panic, believing it was the ghost of Mayumi Yamano. They crept to what they thought was the girls' room, until the lights were turned on. Kashiwagi, who had believed that she had no more charm left of her, was delighted and urged the boys to her. The boys fled at once in sheer terror.

Konishi Naoki

Naoki Konishi, as in Persona 4

Naoki Konishi is a character in Persona 4. He is a first-year student in Yasogami High School, and is Saki Konishi's brother. To be honest, I feel sorry for death of his sis.

The protagonist first meets Naoki during his "volunteer" work for the student health association. He rudely says how he hates the protagonist and Yosuke Hanamura straight away, then asking if he can leave. You can later talk to him on the first floor of the classroom building, he is staring out of a window opposite class 1-1. He is the social link for the Hanged Man Arcana.

Naoki is quite resentful for different reasons. Naoki is constantly pitied by everybody for having lost his sister Saki. As a result, Naoki seems trapped and is unable to move on with his own life since he's reminded of Saki's death constantly. However, later on in the Social Link, Naoki reveals that he felt that he may have been different since he couldn't mourn for his sister in the same manner as seen on T.V. or at least, not as strongly as most people normally would. In the end, Naoki really did miss his sister, as he was finally able to mourn and truly move on.

As his show of thanks, he gives the Protagonist the Junes Receipt, allowing him to create Attis, the ultimate form of the Hanged Man arcana.

Dojima Nanako

Nanako Dojima
Japanese Name: 堂島 菜々子
Romaji: Dōjima Nanako
English Name: Nanako Dojima
First Appearance: Persona 4
Persona: {{{persona}}}
Japanese Voice Actor: Akemi Kanda
English Voice Actor: Karen Strassman

Nanako Dojima is a character from Persona 4. She is the daughter of Ryotaro Dojima, and the protagonist's cousin.

Early concept artwork of Nanako.
  • Age: 6 y.o. (start of game)
  • Date of birth: 4th October 2004
  • Height: 122 cm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Arcana: Justice

Nanako lives with her father, a detective in Inaba at the Dojima Residence. Her mother has passed away, and thus all household chores fall to her - although she has no trouble accepting this. She does the cooking and cleaning after school. Nanako can also be seen watching television, and especially absorbed in the quiz shows.

Nanako is a fan of the Junes Department Store. Every time the commercial airs, she would sing the Junes tune. When Ryotaro suggests they go to an outing, Nanako suggests they go to Junes. Nanako represents the Justice Arcana Social Link, where she creates with the Protagonist should his 'Expression' characteristics reached a sufficient level. As the Protagonist interacts with her, he helps Nanako understands her father, and helps to mend their strained relationship.

Late-in the game, a political figure visits Yasoinaba, in there, the political figure visits Nanako's school where the political figure questions about their worries and the worsening fogs. Nanako instead gave an innocent yet genuine answer, which made her debut in the TV news report. However, Nanako's images was not shown, but merely mentioned. Later, when the Protagonist' activities revolving the murder cases and his receive of a threatening letter of murder has been discovered by Ryotaro Dojima, the Protagonist was detained in the police station. To make matters worse, the Investigation Team realizes Nanako is the next victim that appeared in the Midnight Channel.

Noticing that Nanako was in danger, the Investigation Team tries to reach the Protagonist and the Dojima residence. Along their way, Naoto Shirogane explains how the murderer manages to kidnap Nanako despite Nanako was not shown on TV: the reporters that happen to be in the incident of the Political figure's visit decided to show Nanako's photo and her quote in the newspaper.

Unfortunately, Nanako is eventually kidnapped. Gathering the salvaged and bits of clues Ryotaro Dojima managed to collect during his investigation, the Investigation Team eventually realizes the real murderer's identity: Namatame, the lover of the first victim, Mayumi Yamano. Tohru Adachi would later inform Ryotaro, and in a fit of rage, Ryotaro drives away to pursue Namatame. The chase ended with an accident, with Ryotaro suffering from severe wounds. Having no ways to escape, Namatame took Nanako to the Midnight Channel via the large-sized TV in his delivery truck.

Concept artwork of Nanako.

Inside the Midnight Channel, Nanako created her reality, Heaven, which reflects her innocence and her wish to see her mother, whom Nanako believed to be ascended to Heaven after her death. The Investigation Team eventually managed to track down Nanako's location, and eventually manages to catch up Namatame and Nanako. Due to Nanako's age and apparent lack of emotional baggage that normally creates shadows, her own does not emerge, the party does however fight Namatame.

Though Namatame is subdued and defeated, the Investigation Team was shocked to learn that Nanako stayed in a coma after her kidnapping, due to her weak body for being unable to sustain the exposure of Midnight Channel. Nanako eventually awakes, but the doctor later reveals that in actuality they cannot indicate what is her problem, and are just using medical supports of alleviate her pain.

The Protagonist later have the option of visiting Nanako everyday, however, her condition worsens everytime the Protagonist visits her. Nanako's condition finally reaches critical when the Investigation Team members went to Junes to buy her a Christmas Present. Despite of the Doctor's effort, Nanako falls into a coma, with her last words calling to her father.

Devastated, Ryotaro Dojima ran to Namatame's room, but was later escorted by other policemen back to his room, giving the Investigation Team the opportunity to sneak in. Grief ridden and devastated, the Investigation Team tries to kill Namatame by pushing him trough the his hospital room's TV. Depending on the Protagonist' decisions of dealing with Namatame, Nanako may die or awaken once again.

Bad Ending:

Should the Protagonist chooses to kill Namatame to avenge Nanako, the game ends with Nanako dying, and Ryotaro grieves for being unable to see her one last time. This story ends with a bitter note, and will fast forward to March 3rd, creating the bad ending.

Nuetral Ending:

The 'neutral' ending can be unlocked should the Protagonist chooses not to kill Namatame, but pointing out that it's not right to kill him and not question about the murders. In this case results in Teddie returning to the Midnight Channel, not before leaving a note to the Team notifying them. However, Nanako will be alive, albeit still in a coma. The 'neutral' ending ends with the time fast forward to the spring next year, where Ryotaro Dojima will takes the Protagonist to the station, lamenting that it was too bad Nanako isn't healthy enough yet to get out of the hospital to see him off.

Normal Ending:

Should the Protagonist chooses not to kill Namatame to avenge Nanako, but expresses his doubts of solving the case of the bizarre murders, Nanako will re-awake, with the Investigation Team coming to a realization that there might be another murderer besides Namatame, whom the Investigation Team must track down. This decisions applies to the 'True Ending' as well, however, the Protagonist must also first fulfill several prerequisite first in order to unlock the 'True Ending'.

Moel Gas Station Attendant

Portrayal of the Gas Station Attendant.

The Attendant of the Moel Gas Station is an important character in Persona 4. A chatty youth, she first speaks to the Protagonist upon his first day in Yasoinaba. I feel some kind of feeling when I was seeing him (her) back then. And the result, he was her, Izanami, the last boss..

The Moel Gas Attendant makes her first appearance in Persona 4 during the Protagonist' first visit to Yasoinaba and subsequently meeting up with his uncle and his cousin, Ryotaro Dojima and Nanako Dojima. During their journey to fetch the Protagonist to their residence, Ryotaro stops by the Moel Gas Station, and was welcomed by the Gas Attendant.

Ryotaro later decides to take the opportunity to have a smoke, and along with Nanako going to the toilet, leaving the Protagonist and the Attendant alone. The Attendant became intrigued towards the Protagonist after learning that he came from a city, and mentions that moving to the small, urban town of Yaosinaba, the Protagonist would end up getting bored quickly, and will probably takes up part-time jobs or just hanging out with his friends. Offering the Protagonist a job in the Gas Station, the Attendant later gives the Protagonist a friendly handshake, welcoming him to Yasoinaba.

After shaking hands with the Attendant, the Protagonist caught up with a dizzy spell, which he brushes away, assuming it as carsickness. The Attendant can later be interacted during heavy rainy days in the Gas Station, where she would mention about the town gossips, and her interest in the town's inhabitants. At one point the Attendant would even tell the Protagonist the rumor of the Midnight Channel, and expressing her interest in there, remarking that she should try it herself some time.

In the events of True Ending, the Attendant is revealed to be the human form of Izanami. Seeing the potential in the Protagonist, the Attendant decides to awaken the Protagonist' talents of invoking Personae via their handshake. The gas Attendant also mentions that the Protagonist was not the only one she awakened, many others, such as Tohru Adachi, and Taro Namatame have been awakened by her as well. It is also revealed there that the gas Attendant herself was the very person to spread the urban legend of the Midnight Channel, as the Midnight Channel projects images within humanity's desire, she hopes that, through the Midnight Channel, she would come to understand humanity's wishes better.

Upon the Attendant's reveal of being the human avatar of Izanami, she transforms into her humanoid form of Izanami, where she bears a red gleam within her eyes, and is portrayed as a woman dressed in a draping white robe.

Kubo Mitsuo

Mitsuo Kubo

Someone said that this Kubo person is awesome..?!! Is he blind?! Huh..!! Mitsuo Kubo (久保美津夫 [くぼ みつお], Kubo Mitsuo) is a character from Persona 4.

Mitsuo first appeared as a nameless student from a rival school in Yasoinaba. He appears outside the gates of Yasogami High School, waiting for Yukiko Amagi. Upon seeing her, Mitsuo addresses Yukiko as 'Yuki' and asks her out on a date, much to Yukiko's bemusement. Several students who were passing by as well mocked him for asking Yukiko on a date, and upon Yukiko's abrupt declination, Mitsuo threw a tantrum and ran away. He would be later seen standing across the street from Tatsumi Textiles, complaining about daily life.

After the rescue of Rise, the Protagonist's homeroom teacher Mr. Morooka is found hanging from a water tower, murdered via blunt force trauma to the head. Soon after that, Mitsuo disappears into the Midnight Channel. When viewed from the outside, he appears to be taunting the Protagonist and his friends, sarcastically asking them to come catch him. It turns out he is taking credit for Mayumi and Saki's murders as well as that of Morooka's, which mystifies the Investigation Team. Even though they have serious doubts about Mitsuo, they go into the TV to rescue him anyway.

Mitsuo's dungeon, Void Quest, takes the form of an old-school video game dungeon, complete with pixellated flames and graphics. The music is peppy and 8-bit, eventually scaling up into maniacal orchestra music, and the dungeon's sound effects are monotone and digital. As the party scales the dungeon, Mitsuo loses his grip on reality. He thinks of killing Mayumi, Saki and Morooka as video game fights, complete with fictional stat increases ('Excitement increases by 4! Emptiness increases by 1!') When the Protagonist reaches the Endgame, he finds Mitsuo yelling at his shadow, who refuses to say anything- even when Mitsuo hurls a hysterical question at him, the only thing he says is that he is 'nothing'.

The Other Mitsuo

When Mitsuo denies his Shadow, it turns into a giant baby with complex writings circling its head who can summon a pixelated 3D warrior as a barrier. It is heavily suggested by his dungeon and his Shadow's infantile appearance that Mitsuo has a very immature personality and poor self-esteem; he hides behind video games and feels he has to kill to get attention. Upon his defeat, the Shadow disappears into a cloud of smoke instead of becoming a Persona as Mitsuo is still in denial. Even so, he still claims to have perpetrated the murders of the three deceased, and says he did it all for the attention.

In reality, Mitsuo was only to blame for the murder of Morooka (hinted how the "game text" that appears only refers to how he "Defeated" Mayumi and Saki, but how he "killed" Morooka), making him nothing more than a copycat killer. When he went into the station to confess to the murders of Mayumi and Saki, he was pawned off to Adachi as it was assumed he wasn't being serious. Adachi, knowing that the abductions would stop if Mitsuo took the credit for the killings, put Mitsuo in an empty interrogation room, switched off the lights, and pushed the kid into the TV when he was still stunned. Because of that. Mitsuo had no idea who put him in- not that he would tell the Team, anyway.

Hiiragi Misuzu

Misuzu Hiiragi

Misuzu Hiiragi (柊みすず, Hiiragi Misuzu) is a minor non-player character in Persona 4. She is a popular enka singer.

Misuzu Hiiragi is married to city council secretary Taro Namatame. However, her popularity and her husband's passion for his job put a strain in their relationship. When it was revealed that her husband had an affair with TV announcer Mayumi Yamano, she filed for divorce. The protagonist never meets her in the game, but she mentioned often and seen on posters.

Matsunaga Ayane

Ayane, as seen in Persona 4.

Ayane Matsunaga is a character from Persona 4. A first-year student from Yasogami High School, Ayane is a member of the Yasogami Symphonic Band and plays the trombone. Befriending her will help the Protagonist realize the potential of the Sun Arcana.

The Protagonist will meet Ayane on his first day of joining the School Band. Under the same conditions, the Sun Arcana Social Link can also be created if the Protagonist joins the Drama Club instead and befriends Yumi Ozawa.

When the protagonist chooses to join the Symphonic Band, he is introduced to Ayane, who handles most of the paperwork of the band. Ayane is a timid and shy girl who tends to apologize a lot. However, she dreams of becoming an accomplished musician someday, and despite a significant lack of musical aptitude, wishes to perform with the band in front of an audience. Ayane plays the trombone in the school band, but is outshone by another performer who she feels is much better than her.

Concept artwork design

As a result, she is usually not selected to play whenever the school band is requested for a public performance. Ayane would rather play the flute than the trombone, but her family could not afford to buy one and there was only a trombone for her to play at their house. She felt that it was awkward for a short person such as herself to use such an instrument.

Her break finally came through one day when the trombone player was involved in an accident. The band's captain decided to put Ayane in his place, but the performance they were going to do had a trombone solo. The captain was convinced that Ayane could carry it out, and urges her to practice the solo. Ayane struggles to keep up, and is almost on the verge of giving up, but at the protagonist's behest, she decides to stay and practice.

However, when the day of the performance came, the trombone player showed up, apparently recovered from his injuries. Ayane backed out and passed the trombone role back to him, despite nobody urging her otherwise. She then confesses to the protagonist that she felt really angry that her chance had been taken away, and decided from then on to become a selfish person - in a way that she would grab any opportunity that arise for her instead of backing out as she had done so before. She realized her interactions with the protagonist had changed her for the better, and thanked him.

Upon maxing out her social link, Ayane becomes a much stronger person and decides to go on a study abroad program in music after her high school graduation.

Yamano Mayumi

Mayumi Yamano, as seen in Persona 4.

Mayumi Yamano (山野真由美, Yamano Mayumi) is a minor character in Persona 4. A TV announcer, she is the center of the media attention after her scandal with a political secretary, Taro Namatame.

The protagonist is introduced to Mayumi Yamano when her alleged affair with the Namatame was broadcast by the media. This affair led to a chain of events, including the end of Namatame's career, and his marriage with enka singer Misuzu Hiiragi broken off. People's opinion on Mayumi significantly deteriorated to the point where she is detested by the public.

To avoid more attention, Mayumi retreated to Yasoinaba, a quaint small town where she is sure that none will be able to find her. She chose to stay at the Amagi Inn, which is run by Yukiko Amagi's family. A junior police detective, Tohru Adachi, was assigned as her guardian to avoid any unwanted attention from the media, who had been swarming at the inn.

It is at this time that she fell victim to Adachi. Adachi wanted to get Mayumi to like him, but she rejected him. Enraged, Adachi attempted to rape her. She backed towards the TV, and subsequently Adachi discovered his powers. Mayumi was pushed into the TV where she was left alone as Adachi watched her fall into despair. Later, she succumbs to the Shadows, and died. The Amagi Inn was abuzz with Ms. Yamano's apparent "disappearance" - until her body was found by Saki Konishi hanging between television antennas days later. Her subsequent disappearance and death pushed Taro Namatame into despair. Mayumi's death while staying at the Amagi inn gave it the reputation of being cursed.

When the protagonist, Yosuke and Chie accidentally arrived at the Midnight Channel, they stumbled upon a mysterious room where there are posters of Misuzu Hiiragi, either torn or splattered with blood, upon the walls, and a noose hanging at the middle. A foreboding feeling lingered within the area, forcing the trio to leave. This area is undoubtedly where Mayumi had died.

After the culture festival, the protagonist, Teddie, Yosuke Hanamura, and Kanji Tatsumi stay in a room at the amagi inn which they believe to be haunted due to the weeping sounds. They believe that was the room Mayumi stayed in before she died. It is unconfirmed if it was really haunted or if the sobbing sounds came from Hanako Ohtani and Ms. Kashiwagi's room.


Japanese Name: マーガレット
Romaji: Maagaretto
English Name:
First Appearance: Persona 4
Japanese Voice Actor: Sayaka Ohara
English Voice Actor: Michelle Ann Dunphy

Margaret is a character from Persona 4. Inheriting the role of Elizabeth, Margaret works as an assistant to Igor, the proprietor of the Velvet Room.

Concept Artwork of Margaret.Note that several sketches of Margaret resembles Elizabeth.

Margaret is the new assistant to Igor, and resides in The Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance alongside with Igor, where the Protagonist fell into his subconscious during his trip to Yasoinaba. Similar to Persona 3, whilst Igor is responsible for the Personae fusions, Margaret handles the Personae compendium, which allows the protagonist to keep track upon his fused personae and re-summoning them.

Apart from handling the Persona Compendium, Margaret also handles the Fusion Forecast service, where she predicts the phenomena of the day and the extra effects that may affect a Persona during fusion. A quiet, professional woman, Margaret does not talk much to the Protagonist until his Knowledge status reaches to 'Expert'. Only then, Margaret would begin to open up to the Protagonist.

Margaret would also takes care to mention that the Protagonist is the first guest of the Velvet Room not to be welcomed by Igor, but rather by Margaret, an assistant. Margaret would later mention that the Protagonist is also, coincidentally, the first person she officially welcomes. Feeling a sense of kinship, Margaret puts up a gentle smile, and creates the Empress Arcana Social Link with the Protagonist. Through the Protagonist' interaction with Margaret, it is revealed that Margaret possesses a silly whimsical sense of humor, despite her initial image as a composed and dignified woman.

Margaret is the oldest of the three Velvet Room siblings; Elizabeth is the second while Theodore is the youngest. The trio could be regarded as mirroring the trio of the earlier Velvet Room's residents, although perhaps in appearance rather than in role.


In the events of the Protagonist' visit to the Velvet Room, Margaret would grant the Protagonist various rewards should certain prerequisites are met. For example, should the Protagonist registers a sufficient percentage of completing the Persona Compendium, Margaret will grant the Protagonist the Velvet Ticket, which reduces the cost of re-summoning Personae in the Compendium by 10%. Subsequently, more items can be received as the Protagonist completes certain prerequisites.

Item Effect Prerequisite
Velvet Ticket Reduces the Persona Compendium cost by 10%. Complete 25% of Persona Compendium.
Velvet Card Cuts the discount of the Persona Compendium cost to 15% Complete 50% of Persona Compendium.
Velvet Pass Cuts the discount of the Persona Compendium cost to 20% Complete 75% of Persona Compendium.
Velvet VIP Cuts the discount of the Persona Compendium cost to 25% Complete 100% of Persona Compendium.
Metal Bat Weapon for the Protagonist. Complete at least 50% of the Social Links.
Mandara Robe Armor for the Protagonist. Complete all of the Social Links.

Social Link:
Concept artwork of Margaret' expressions.

Unique from other Social Links, the Empress Arcana powers up everytime the Protagonist completes a request from Margaret. The requests revolves around creating specific Personae with specific skills:

Level Request
2 Create Ippon-Datara with the skill Sukukaja.
3 Create Matador with the skill Mahama.
4 Create Gdon with the skill Rampage.
5 Create Neko Shogun with the skill Bufula.
6 Create Black Frost with the skill Auto-Sukukaja.
7 Create Yatagarasu with the skill Megido.
8 Create Yatsufusa with the skill Mediarama.
9 Create Ganesha with the skill Tetrakarn.
10 Create Trumpeter with the skill Mind Charge.

By completing all of Margaret's request, Margaret would tell the Protagonist that in actuality, she isn't interested in the results, but the Protagonist' effort to fulfill her requests. Margaret explains then that the Protagonist is essentially training his soul, and tells the Protagonist that one's action actually stirs the heart more than any words could express, and tells the him that one day, the Protagonist may be the one giving her her answer to life. Margaret then gives the Protagonist her Spiral Brooch as a sign of their friendship.

Completing the Empress Social Link also bestows the Ultimate Persona of the Empress, Isis.

Later, the Protagonist can visit Margaret prior the day he leaves Yasoinaba should he completes the Empress Arcana Social Link. Margaret appears in front of the Velvet Room in Yasoinaba Shopping District. Upon the Protagonist meeting her, she wonders would she be able to see the Protagonist once more, and tells the Protagonist to close his eyes while she gives him a farewell present. Margaret then took the opportunity to steal a kiss from the Protagonist, telling him since her actions towards the Protagonist just then is considered to be 'sinful' in the Velvet Room, she wishes the Protagonist would not to see her sinful actions.

LVL Arcana HP SP Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck
96 ? 15000 ? 99 99 99 99 99
Physical Fire Ice Lightning Wind Light Darkness Almighty EXP Yen
- - - - - Block Block n/a 10000 16960

Should players continue from the last cycle of the True Ending arc of Persona 4, the Protagonist has the opportunity to challenge Margaret to a battle in the second cycle of the True Ending. To do so, the Protagonist must first fulfill several prerequisites; All optional bosses must be defeated and the Empress Arcana Social Link Must be completed before completing Magatsu Inaba. Furthermore, in the second cycle's True Ending, the Protagonist must first visit the Velvet Room to obtain the "Orb of Sight" before speaking the Moel Gas Station Attendant. Should the Protagonist spoke to the Attendant before visiting the Velvet Room, Margaret will not challenge the Protagonist to a battle.

In the Velvet Room, Margaret reveals that she, in fact, has a sister who left the Velvet Room, leaving her in charge of her sister's role. The sister mentioned is Elizabeth. Through the Protagonist' conversation with Margaret, Margaret would take care to mention that everyone who has stepped in the Velvet Room are bound to be on a Journey to discovering their true self, including those who resides in the Velvet Room.

Elizabeth, however, leaves the Velvet Room out of her own free will, an action which greatly surprises and disturbs Margaret. Worrying her sister, Margaret informs the Protagonist that she would like to find out the reason behind Elizabeth's foolish actions, and wishes to take her back. Margaret also wonders aloud whether Elizabeth has found out her own reason of life by herself, and thus has left the Velvet Room, and begins questioning her own existence. In order to find Elizabeth and bring her back, however, Margaret believes that she should first understand her true meaning of life as well, and invites the Protagonist to a battle, telling him that she awaits the Protagonist at "The Heaven's End".

Upon reaching to the end of the Heaven, Margaret informs that the Protagonist that she learns that Elizabeth challenged their previous Guest to a battle as well, but it is unknown whether the guest took up the challenge. Engaging the Protagonist to a battle, Margaret reveals to a powerful Personae user similar to Elizabeth, as well as having the accessibility to the Wild Card. Unlike Elizabeth, however, the Protagonist can fight her along with his comrades, furthermore, the Protagonist can equip any Persona that void her attacks, though equipping accessories that shield from her attacks will result in Margaret killing off all characters instantaneously. Margaret herself follows a distinct pattern, which continues to cycle until her 50th turn, in which she inflicts 9,999 damage upon all characters:

HP Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Attacks
100% - 85% - - - - - Null Null Phys. Attacks
80% - 0% (1st turn) - Abs - - - Null Null Ragnarok, Meltdown
80% - 0% (2nd turn) - - Abs - - Null Null Niflheim, Cocytus Pain
80% - 0% (3rd turn) - - - Abs - Null Null Thunder Reign, Narukami
80% - 0% (4th turn) - - - - Abs Null Null Phanta Rei, Divine Wind
80% - 0% (5th turn) Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Mind Charge
80% - 30% (6th turn) Str Str Str Str Str Null Null Megidolaon
50% - 0% - - - Abs - Null Null Morning Star
50% - 0% - - - Abs - Null Null Diarahan, Phys. Attacks
30% - 0% (5th turn) Null Null Null Null Null Null Null Power Charge
30% - 0% (6th turn) Str Str Str Str Str Null Null Hassou Tobi
50th turn - - - - - Null Null Megidolaon (9,999 dmg)

Upon defeating Margaret, Margaret reveals during their battle, she reminiscences that Elizabeth once told her that she wishes to leave the Velvet Room to help a young man who've risked his soul to save humanity. Margaret then exclaims that she originally thought what Elizabeth said was preposterous, but eventually came to believe her. Margaret mentions that everyone who is searching their answer to life holds endless possibilities, but in the end, the seeker themselves can actually find their own reasons simply by deciding what their role would be, similar to what Elizabeth did. Thanking the Protagonist, Margaret then tells the Protagonist that should he suffer the same fate, or worse similar to the Protagonist of Persona 3, she, too, like Elizabeth would try her best to help the Protagonist, regardless of how long it would take.

Defeating Margaret also bestows the key item Raden Bookmark, Margaret's precious bookmark.

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